Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Birthday!

My son is turning 5 (yes, 5) this week!  When we were discussing the details of his party, theme, invitations, guests, etc,  he mentioned that when my daughter turned one, I created a special hair clip to match the theme of her party,  1st Birthday Link .

He was wondering what type of hair clip we should create to match his party theme.  After reviewing that boys don't wear hair clips and since most of his friends were boys, we decided I would just make one special one for his sister to wear...

Everyone was quite pleased with the results! 
Meet Jakey the dinosaur.

You can find jakey in my etsy store here.


  1. I like it! But maybe you SHOULD make hair clips for boys, you could have a monopoly!

  2. Funny you mention hair clips for boys, I have a friend who son always steels my daughters and puts them in his hair!